A behind the scenes preview of the paintings, collages, and sculptures in progress in DiIorio's studios

  • Spring 2019

    Multi-panel Abstract Painting

    Six painted panels are combined to create one composition. Similarly to additive and subtractive process of creating a plaster sculpture, thick, impasto-style oil paint was applied to these panels, then partially scraped off to reveal glimpses of the layers of color underneath.  

  • Winter 2018-2019

    Clay relief, standing partial figure in contrapposto

    DiIorio's recent reintroduction to clay has made for a good contrast to plaster. The workability of clay allows more time for contemplation and subtle change, as opposed to the necessity for fast action when working with plaster.

  • Winter 2018-2019

    Reclining figure in clay

    This pose focuses on flow and the use of negative space. The same pose is being explored at two different scales in clay and also in plaster. 

  • Fall 2018

    Double figure
  • Fall 2018

    Crouching figure

    Over the course of the creation of this piece, the figure was changed from putting weight on the back hand to lifting her hand slightly off the ground in order to give a sense of transitional motion: either standing up or moving into a seated pose